Outsourcing Services
AT Prime, ATP, ATP Solutions

     A.T. Prime Solutions outsource individuals to help strengthen the manpower for a certain company.


     As our company continues to allocate this individuals, answers to outgrowing problems in terms of business processes are lessen and makes a great help in the client as well as for the ATPrime's success. Thus, one of the compelling target of ATPrime in terms of BPO is the allocation of Quality Assurance Engineers in some of it's clients.


     The main reason behind the allocation of these indiviuals are the need to reduce unwanted bugs and unexpected errors on certain products the client manufactures or developed so that expensive product recalls could be lessen.


Software Development


           A.T. Prime Solution Corp is an Information Technology company specializing in making software applications for Engine Control Units, Car-Audio and Multi-media and Navigation Systems, Automotive Safety and Security System and Simulation Systems.

We helped our clients by developing and implementing innovative software solutions that meet the business needs. Our fast development techniques and strategies made us to deliver projects much faster and quicker.​


           We are going into a process of Thorough Research. We research and find on our clients existing system and come up with the Very best solutions. We guide our clients the entire process of system design to programming and development and finally to the implementation and training of their employees.


Recruitment Services
AT Prime, ATP, ATP Solutions

     Recruitment services for companies that are in need of IT professionals specializing in developing software applications for Automotive Embedded Systems.


     A.T. Prime Solutions Corp aims to develop a good understanding of our client companies, their industry, what they do and their work culture and environment.


     Our Recruitment Consultants reviews applications and provides series of tests and interviews for the candidates to make sure that the people we'll hire will provide exellence for our clients needs; and offers advice to both clients and candidates about training and career progression.